Our Story

Image to show the owners of The Lansbury, Garath Jackson and Alison Jackson

Since moving to Whitby in June 2017, we have worked hard to re-establish The Lansbury Guest House as a fully trading B&B for visitors to the town. This is our first venture into B&Bs and we are striving to create a welcoming, comfortable and friendly guest house. We are pleased that this has been what our guests have been telling us in their reviews. We are committed to providing rooms of a high standard and a nourishing breakfast to set guests up for their day in the beautiful historic town or where ever their travels may take them.

History of the house

The house was built in 1884 and was officially registered as a guest house in 1988, but had been trading long before properties needed to register with the local authority. The West Cliff [Estate] area of Whitby was built specifically for guest accommodation from the 1840’s following the development of rail travel to Whitby by George Hudson.

Hudson’s railway link to Whitby opened up the town as a favourite destination for large numbers of factory workers from the West Riding and beyond. Day trips became possible and affordable. Longer stay holidays were becoming popular too.

Guest houses and hotels were developed on the West Cliff and Hudson had the Khyber Pass engraved into its face to transport the building materials for the development of his Royal Crescent.

It can be noted though, that the crescent is only “half built”. Its full development was cut short at a time when Hudson simply ran out of money.

Ongoing property development.

The Lansbury has undergone many changes and developments over the years to maintain it’s modern and functional aspect as a popular guest house. We’ve continued with this as no property should stand still or be in a state that time forgot! Since we took over, all rooms have been updated and modernised including new chairs, carpets, mattresses and soft furnishings, redecoration of Rooms 7 & 8, painting of communal areas and upgrades to WiFi and HD TV. We’ve also installed sensor or timer switched lighting in the main stairways and landings to reduce energy usage. All rooms have had some sockets upgraded to include USB charging points to ensure devices are easily charged and we now have an electronic door entry system on the main entrance. Further developments to help the environment include online check-in and breakfast ordering systems to help reduce paper and food waste.

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay with us.

Garath & Alison Jackson