Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are set out below to ensure guests are clear on the expectations prior to booking. Once a booking is made, the assumption is that all guests staying at The Lansbury accept these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions were posted in June 2017.

Due to situations beyond our control, we may need to amend these terms. If we do these will be communicated to you as soon as is possible or will be published and dated on this website as updates or amendments to our usual Terms and Conditions.


We are a totally non-smoking establishment with no exceptions. Any person smoking on the premises will be asked to leave the establishment immediately. A charge of £100.00 will be deducted from the card holder for the booking to cover extra cleaning costs.


We do not accept responsibility for any items or articles that you bring onto the premises.


Check-in is usually between 12pm – 1pm and 4pm – 8.00pm. We expect to be informed of your approximate time of arrival no later than the day before. This can be done by completing the check-in form, e-mail or phone.
Full payment is required in advance at check-in 


Once you have booked your stay, our agreement is a legal contract. On making a reservation your card details will be taken and stored on the PCI compliant booking system as security.  This is instead of taking a deposit

If you cancel your booking:

  • Less than 3 days before the first day of your stay, then the full cost of the booking will be charged to the card.
  • 3 – 7 days before the first day of your stay, then a charge equal to the 50% of the booking will be charged to the card.
  • 7 or more days before the first day of your stay, then a charge of the first night for each room booked will be charged to the card. 
  • Any cancellation payments unpaid will be requested using court proceedures if necessary. There will be an additional £50 admin charge made if this is the case.

If we cancel your booking:

We would only cancel your booking if The Lansbury or your specific room was unavailable for reasons beyond our control (property/room issues, owners illness etc). If that event were to occur, we would endeavour to help you find alternative accommodation, if you wished us to. But could not guarantee that we could. Costs for this new accommodation would be your sole responsibility. As we do not take deposits there would be no refund due in this case.


We expect all our guests to respect all our furnishings and fittings and to not bring any ‘take-away’ foods in to the rooms. Should any damage to the room occur during your stay, the person who booked the room will be held liable for any additional costs incurred. Damage also includes staining caused by, but not limited to, food and drink, human waste, bodily fluids/vomit, hair dyes, make-up, nail varnish or fake tan lotions. Payment would be taken from the card which secured the booking as agreed by the booker when completing the online check-in form. Any payments unpaid will be requested using court proceedures if necessary. There will be an additional £50 admin charge made if this is the case.

It’s expected that all our guests consider each other when watching TV, listening to music or when in conversation. We also expect there to be courtesy shown to guests who may be sleeping when you are returning from an evening out by keeping noise levels to a minimum when entering and moving around the house. We operate a quiet time from 10.30pm to 8am. Guests disrupting others during these quiet times may be asked to leave, without a refund.


We have 4 CCTV cameras within the B&B. One is placed above the front door to the path, another looks towards the front door and covers the main hallway, another covers the 1st floor landing and the final one covers the back yard. None of the cameras are pointed at any guest bedrooms.

We use these cameras for the security of our property, ourselves, our animals, our guests and our guest’s property.

The data is recorded securely on a password protected hard drive and is only kept for 14 days, unless there has been an issue which requires the data to be stored for longer.

The only people to have access to this data are B&B owners, Garath and Alison Jackson. The data can only be accessed via the password protected CCTV system.

These are the conditions you undertake when booking with us as we want all to enjoy their stay, as well as yourselves.


We would advise that all guests ensure that they have adequate travel insurance in place prior to booking your stay. This may protect you in the event of any medical cancellations (including COVID-19) or other insured losses associated with your booking.