Check-in Form

Due to the current government and industry guidlines, relating to Covid-19, we are having to make some adjustments to our usual operating methods to minimise the risks to all guests and ourselves.

Please complete and submit this form prior to your arrival date.

This form replaces the usual paper copy used to check-in.
By completing and submitting it will act as your agreement to our Terms & Conditions at check-in. These, and details regarding our arrangements for Coronavirus can be found on our website page Covid-19

As Whitby’s food and drink businesses also have restrictions due to government guidance, we would encourage you to book tables for your meals during your stay and expect entry to pubs to be more difficult than before.

We would also like to remind guests that masks are required when checking-in and when moving around the house.

Thank you for your understanding at this challenging and different time.

Garath & Alison

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    I'll be paying with cashPlease use the card I supplied when booking (Stripe payment)I will pay by BACS at least 2 days before I arriveOther - as already agreed

    Please answer each question below which will serve as a medical questionnaire and also your agreement to our T&Cs