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We’re looking forward to welcoming you to The Lansbury for your stay and would now like to ask you to complete and submit our check-in form prior to your arrival. Once submitted you will also receive an email copy.

By completing and submitting, it will act as your agreement to our Terms & Conditions at check-in.

Early check-in – we offer an early check-in of 12pm – 1pm for guests wanting to start their break early. We will try our hardest to ensure rooms are ready for guests that have requested ths check-in slot. However, this is dependant on the number of guests departing and arriving that day. If your room isn’t quite ready we will let you know when it will be and give you your keys so you can return at your leisure after this time.

We would encourage you to book tables for your meals during your stay as Whitby’s restaurants and pubs can be busy places

Thank you

Garath & Alison

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    I'll be paying with cashPlease use the card I supplied when booking (Stripe payment)I will pay by BACS at least 2 days before I arriveOther - as already agreed

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