Eating Out in Whitby

Eating out in Whitby

Whitby offers a vast array of great places for eating out, whether it’s Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or those vital holiday in-between snack times. Eateries range from small takeaways to restaurants offering a fine-dining experience and everything in between! Some are within the many pubs in the town and surrounding area and others range from the small and intimate to larger and more bustling establishments. Many of the eateries are licenced to serve alcohol, while others provide great teas/coffees and cakes. Prices vary greatly, but you can always find delicious food within your budget when eating out in Whitby.

Fish & Chips

The Town is notorious for its award-winning fish and chips. Many of the locally owned and run takeaways and restaurants regularly win regional and national awards. Celebrity chefs rave about their favourite places to enjoy the local fish and chips. Many of these use fish caught locally by the small fleet based in the town. Lots of the fish and chip places also provide gluten free options for their batter and some will have chips suitable for vegetarians, so no-one has to miss out.  

Other cuisines

But Whitby is not just about fish and chips, there are many other local restaurants offering cuisines from around the world and offering a vibrant dining experience. There are a number of bistros, restaurants, cafes and pubs that offer delicious fayre all year round. According to TripAdvisor there are 141 restaurants in the town, with only 61 claiming to have fish and chips on the menu. That leaves another 80 other places to dine. There are 68 places that class themselves as vegetarian friendly and 36 vegan friendly.

Planning your dining experience

During busy peak times and especially during many of the special weekends, finding somewhere to eat ‘on spec’ can be quite difficult. If you want that special place or a particular time, you may be best to book. As we strive to cut out the middleman (the expensive commission charging booking sites) searching for and booking your perfect place to eat here will ensure that the local business will receive all of the price you pay for your meal.