Whitby Museum

The independent Victorian museum is full of amazing treasures. Where you can explore stunning collections of local fossils, natural history, model ships, carved jet, toys, costumes and social history. There are artefacts of the famous whaling family, the Scoresbys and also the explorer Captain Cook.

The Museum and the Art Gallery can be found in the beautifully maintained gardens of Pannett Park in the centre of Whitby.  The extensive Museum Collections comprise items and artefacts of local and national interest donated over the past 200 years, a lot of which are on permanent display.

Periodically special themed exhibitions are run to show items from the collections that can not be accommodated in the permanent display space.

An important part of the Museum is the Library and Archive, which is a valuable resource for the history of Whitby and surrounding area, its people, geology, archaeology, geography and industry. These are described in books, pamphlets, journals, prints, photograph, maps, manuscripts and much more.

The Tea Room on the lower floor of the Museum is open on three or four days a week, serving tea, coffee, cakes and other tempting items.